Preschool/Infant Level Resources that I use (2017-2018)

These are some of the preschool and infant level resources that I use for my 4 year old. It has more of a traditional type setting, which works well for my daughter and I. I use parts of  different curricula and create my own lesson plans, projects and schedule for her. I will explain more about why I chose to homeschool in a subsequent post.

Each child is different, as his/her parent, you would know your child’s capabilities and learning rate, therefore, some activities, worksheets, or books in this blog post may be too advanced or too low leveled for your Preschooler. The curricula that you choose should be based on whether your end goal is to have your child write the SEA/CSEC/CAPE examinations and transition into a tertiary classroom setting afterwards, or not.

If you have any questions about particular resources or workbooks, or suggestions on what I can improve on, feel free to leave a message via our contact page or email 

If you are considering homeschooling, or are already homeschooling, register with the Ministry of Education.

According to the Ministry of Education of Trinidad and Tobago, attending a preschool is not compulsory and is not a requirement to attend a Primary School.  The Ministry’s web page has a very nice link list of free and paid resources for parents to use to prepare their child at home for Primary School (that is, if you’re not homeschooling through these levels as well). I use some of these worksheets.

Click: MoEtt – Preschool Resources

If you prefer to use a packaged curriculum where no research or curriculum planning is needed then I suggest you use the following two options:

  1. LIFEPAC – This curriculum is a paid version and has secular and non-secular versions

Lifepac Curriculum Website

2. EASY-PEASY  ALL IN ONE – This a completely free online resource with lesson plans, assessments, etc. There are secular and non-secular versions as well.
Free complete curriculum


Other sources I use:

For Mathematics:

Some of the worksheets that my 4 year old completes, with minimal assistance.

Also these FREE Disney Princess worksheets (She loves these and choose to do more than her scheduled lesson for the day):

Click: Free Disney Princess Worksheets

Worksheets from sites on the MoEtt link above.

Her glee when she gets all correct:

gif (1)

For Language Arts and Reading: 

These are the main books that we will be using for the remainder of 2018, however, this is not the complete list of reading and work material that we use. She also reads the level 1 books from the Ladybird series: The Little Red Hen, The Ugly Duckling, etc.

These books can be bought locally and cost TTD$20 each
These books can be bought locally and cost TTD$20 each


For Reading and Comprehension/Writing Practice
logos stash
Some of the more fun reading and work books we use.

For Science:

I use and will be using all the worksheets found on this site, the topics align with preschool and infants level. My daughter loves music, and she learns faster through music, I have included two links to science videos for kids that work wonders with my 4 year old. Sometimes she joins my secondary tutoring classes and teach the students about the water cycle! We also do a lot of outside observations about the things around us, then record our findings in worksheets or by drawing.

Other resources we use can be found here:

Science Topics and Worksheets

Have fun Teaching – Science Kids Music Videos

Peekaboo Kidz – Science Kids Videos



Transplanting a Seedling – I include a lot of STEM and hands on activities.

For Spanish:

For this subject, I use the Curriculum from the MoETT, it’s a comprehensive compilation of the words that are being taught in Primary School. Even if you were never exposed to Spanish in Secondary School, the word list, with pronunciation, at the end of the document is very easy to understand and teach.

MOE infants Spanish curriculum

For Social Studies:

I use the objectives from the MoETT website (link at top of this post). We do drawings of the family, my home, pets, favourite things, etc. We printed a blank picture of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean Islands and identified where in the country we lived.

Links below:

Blank Maps to Trinidad and Tobago

Blank map of the Caribbean



Favourite things and Pets, I adore her little drawings!
Science: Colour mixing and Living and non living things

For Computer Literacy:

I create personalized games using the program “Scratch” from MIT to give her hand-eye coordination practice in using the mouse, or typing practice. “Scratch” is a FREE online and offline program designed for kids (and adult-kids like me, lol!) to create their own games, animation and videos entirely from scratch or remix someone else’s creation.

Preschool Coding

Click here: Scratch -Imagine, Program, Share

For Art and Craft:

Blowing Paint spots across paper using a Straw, one is hers the other is mine… she wrote her name on both though! Lol
Recycled Project Binoculars
Upcycled paper rolls to pretend binoculars. Painting, sticking gems, etc
2018 Easter Craft Collage
Weekend Easter Craft, indoor egg hunt with her cousin.


Recording and Assessments:

Click here: Nursery Observational Checklist – Year 1

Some of her Weekly Tests


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