SEA 2018 Thursday 03 May at 8.30am

Keep Calm, it’s almost over.

Good luck to all our SEA 2018 students and parents.  Keep calm and enjoy this little-big milestone in your life. Parents, remember that there is life after SEA. Failing at SEA does not mean the end of the road for your little one.

Children can repeat SEA once they do not turn 15 years old before they sit the exam. Private tutoring, homeschooling, private schools, trade schools, self-study and then writing CSEC as a private candidate are all excellent options. You can write CSEC at any age of 16 years or older.

Personally, my child (who is homeschooled) will have the option to forgo SEA (or write it for fun) and then write the CSEC/CAPE or IGCSE/O/A level exams privately. The choice of secondary exam will depend on it’s international acceptance and whether or not our education system continues to deteriorate.

For private tutoring at the Primary and CSEC Levels in Mathematics and Sciences in the Debe area, email for telephone contact and more information.

SEA 2018

Have a Blessed Day!

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