Logos Experience Book Fair (Chaguanas) until 31st May 2018

Hi Everyone! I hope you’ve been having a safe and great week so far!

Yesterday, my daughter and I visited the “Logos Experience Book Fair” at the former YTEPP Building, Endeavour Road in Chaguanas (opposite the Indian Expo). It was absolutely wonderful! Our browse through was a hurried one though, since we wanted to reach the cinema on time for the earliest “Avengers Infinity War” movie 😀

At the book fair, we were welcomed by friendly guides who gave us a very short summary of what we were about to meet and were to go. In the first room we were met with a multitude of new children’s books of all types: popular characters, activity, 3D – with glasses, puppet, sticker, religious, pop up, musical, educational, both popular character and educational (the homeschoolers would love these), and so much more! If you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews between ages of 1 to 12, then you would want to get them something from this room – they would love it. The cost of the books in this first section ranged from $15 to $30 each.

The second and the third rooms had some of the more expensive children/teen books and the adult books: novels, cookbooks, inspirational, religious, religious in comic book form, DIYs and so much more…. Price range: $45 – $125+

The last room had cashiers, a few $10 books, crayons and other small children items.

These are some of educational + character books we chose for our homeschooling use. Why use boring old text and reading books when we can learn the same skills in a more fun and exciting way? 🙂 The Avengers is a Level One Readers (they have up to Level 3 Readers in Marvel and DC characters), and from the picture below you can tell what the other two are:

logos stash.jpg

If you love books or want to instill the love for reading in your children, then the Logos Experience Book Fair is the place to be. They currently have an offer until May 13th 2018 (Mother’s Day), see the picture below:

Logos mothers day flyer.jpg

If you visited them already, then feel free to tell us about your experiences in the comment section below or email trinihomeschooling@gmail.com with pictures of your favourite books that you got from there.
Please note that this is my review of my experience, and this blog post is not sponsored by the Logos Experience Book Fair. You can visit their Facebook page for more info: Logos Book Fair Facebook Page

Keep safe!





  1. Good day.  Excellent blog you have here. May I crave your indulgence to please send me the answers for the ELA questions. Also can you discuss ways we can help our children with proof reading their sentences.  Thank you . Mum of twin ( boy and girl).

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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    1. Hi titiuliem! Thank you for following our blog and for your suggestion – I will do a blog post about the techniques I use to help children with proofreading – sometimes I’m in a hurry and accidentally publish my blog posts without proofreading LOL !(the preview and publish buttons are next to each other)

      Which ELA answers do you require? The ELA answers to the SEA 2019 Specimen paper can be found here: https://wp.me/p9CCVE-1s

      The ELA 2000-2017 answers ( and 2000-2017 Math answers) are in printed booklet form and will be back on sale at the end of May 2018. I will make a blog post notifying subscribers of when they are available for purchase and the cost.

      You’re a lucky mom to have a twin boy and girl! I have one girl, hopefully I’ll have a boy on my second try 😀


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