Proofreading Tips (for children)

Thank you for subscribing and following my blog! A special thank you to  titiuliem for suggesting this topic.

Proofreading is an essential part of writing. In this post I shared some of the tips that I use to help children with proofreading their sentences and essays.

I also shared a sample of one of my revision sheets for English Language Arts. These sheets are usually given to students after the topics are covered in full at the primary level or at the secondary level as a reminder.

Encouraging your child(ren) to create their own or use existing revision sheets for any subject is a time saver. Using these sheets when doing homework or to revise will help reduce their frustration and so they are able to retain and recall the information better. 

The link below will take you to the video presentation that I use in class, it gets the children’s attention and wakes them up 😀

The video can be paused or replayed for discussions on each tip given – mute the sound if it becomes a distraction.

Proofreading Tips – Video

You can also download our PDF version below and print it out.

Proofreading Tips- PDF Version

Spelling Rules Revision sheet sample by Trinihomeschooling

I would love to hear your tips and suggestions for helping children with proofreading, feel free to comment on this post or email them to

All the best!



  1. Your website is truly helpful for persons wanting to help their children at home. I commend you for the work you have done


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