SEA Past Papers 2001 – 2019 (with Math Solutions Only)

Hi Moms and Dads!

Here’s the new blog post with the links to the SEA Past Papers. Please remember that some questions in these Mathematics papers are not relevant because of the many deletions from the Mathematics Syllabus.

You can revisit my previous post for more details

SEA 2019-2023 Syllabus Changes

Please share the link to this page and not the direct link to the google drive. This helps to keep this website funded and alive to bring to you more useful freebies like our FREE SEA 2020+ Mathematics Practice Questions by Topic & Video Solutions.

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SEA 2001 – 2019 Creative Writing Past Papers (the missing years are in the ELA folder)

SEA 2001-2019 ELA Past Papers

SEA 2001 – 2019 Mathematics Past Papers

Disclaimer: This website is not affiliated with FAS-PASS Maths in the link below. If there are any errors please contact the creator of that website:

SEA 2001-2019 SEA Solutions (Mathematics Only) 

Below are excerpts from the Assessment Framework for 2019+ for ELA. Please read the document in my previous post in its entirety.

Creative writing format 2019Comparison ELA exams to 2019


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