Answers to CSEC & CAPE SBA FAQ’s

Good day parents, I’ve had this document a while now I just thought you may be interested in it too. The link to the document is placed below this foreword.


“This document, Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) School Based Assessments (SBAs) Frequently Asked Questions, has been prepared to provide clarification for teachers and students on commonly encountered issues regarding the implementation of subject-specific SBAs. Issues relating to timelines, group activities, monitoring of SBAs, resources, mark schemes, submission of SBAs by students and support for administering of SBAs have been addressed.
SBAs include projects or assignments which contribute to a candidate’s final exit grade for both CSEC and CAPE. SBAs should be seen as one source of collecting objective, verifiable evidence of learning by candidates at the school using approved, standardized scoring instruments. The work is to be done by the student himself/herself as penalties are applied for plagiarism.
SBAs allow candidates to demonstrate their understanding of subject content and application of skills and competencies. Projects and assignments include quantitative and qualitative studies, reports of actual events, simulated events, interviews, observations, demonstrations of skills, performances, pieces to be done in-school and out-of-school settings, visual art pieces, reports after laboratory experiments, portfolios, teacher-made tests and oral examinations.
From the academic year 2015-2016, CXC has introduced two new subjects at the CSEC Level with SBA requirements, namely, Integrated Mathematics and Industrial Technology. Also, CSEC English Language A and B will have an SBA component for the first time which will be used to contribute to final marks in one or both subjects. Additionally, syllabi revisions have resulted in changes in the SBA requirements for Home Economics, Geography and Integrated Science while Building and Mechanical Engineering Drawing and Logistics and Supply Chain Management which will be offered at the CAPE level by 2017, will also include an SBA component.
SBAs are also intended to provide timely formative feedback to both teachers and students. Teachers and students are therefore to use the guidelines provided in this document to ensure that SBAs are completed on time. This will not only allow students to correct errors and misconceptions but also enable them to improve their overall grade in the various subjects being pursued.”

Mr. Harrilal Seecharan
Chief Education Officer
Ministry of Education

CSEC and CAPE SBA guide

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