Reminder! STEAM Workshop 2018 Starts on Monday!

Hi Guys!

For those whose children are registered for the STEAM Workshop, I hope they are ready and excited to have fun while learning from Monday 13th  August, 2018!
Remember the Workshop Days are Monday – Fridays from the 13th August 2018 to the 24th August 2018, from 9am to 2pm.

Yes one extra day of fun has been added, with an extra activity! The activities may not run in the order as indicated before, but they all will be done. The trip to the MIT Presentation at QRC has been cancelled because, parents were not interested, hence the extra activity to replace that day instead.

Some reminders:

  • Children are to walk with their own lunch/snacks/ drinks (No glass bottles). A refrigerator for storing their edible items and microwave for reheating is available for use so feel free to make those lunches the night before.  Toilets are available as well.
  • For directions, queries or concerns please feel free to call or Whatsapp Allana at 375-3572.
  • Pictures /Videos will be taken during activities, however, the children’s faces will NOT be posted on any form of my social media. Pictures with their creations and their faces will be given to them to put in their personal portfolios that they can then show off to friends, family, etc. if they choose.
  • Parents and other siblings not registered for the camp are not allowed to stay.
  • For those who did not pay in full your balance is due on Monday 13th August, 2018.
  • For those who registered for the extra activity of the Basic Android app, or for those who will want to sign up, the activity days will be Monday 27th August, 2018 and the Tuesday 28th August 2018. You are required to walk with an ANDROID SMART PHONE for this to work.


Thank you for registering for this Workshop, see you on Monday!

For those not registered for this Workshop, there will be a one day STEAM Workshop – Christmas Themed – later this year! Stay tuned!


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