CSEC 2019 January Exams Registration Forms, Instructions & Payment Vouchers

Hi All,

The Ministry of Education has released all the information necessary for CSEC 2019 January Exams.

You can find it all on at this MoE link:

MoE CSEC 2019 Jan Exams Info

I will also attach all the documents to this post in case anyone is having trouble with their site (I saw persons complaining).

Application Forms are NOT available at MoE offices, they MUST be printed from online and must be submitted in DUPLICATE. The deadline is August 24th, 2018. Late registration is from August 24th – August 28th 2018.

Application form with instructions is for nationals registering for CSEC 2019

Full instructions and Key Dates, please read!

Full instructions for registration of January 2019 CSEC Examination

Key dates January 2019 CSEC Examination

Deposit forms: Form CA is for Exam Fees, Entry and Subject Fees. Form CB is for External Exams: Local Fees for Candidates.

CA Deposit Voucher

CB Deposit Voucher

Best of Luck to all Candidates!



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