Memories from our STEAM 2018 Workshop

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Here is the long overdue post about the activities done in the STEAM 2018 Workshop. Most of the videos and pictures were uploaded in real time on our Instagram Page. But in case you missed it the videos will be in this post. For for those who didn’t know about the workshop, or if you have no idea what the ‘STEAM’ framework is about you can visit this previous post first. You will find a list of the daily activities that we did.

This STEAM Workshop was centred around the “Engineering Design Process”, our secondary schools (in the Form 1-3 subject: Technical Education) and our local business Master’s Programmes, know it as the “Design Thinking Process” or the “IDEATE” process.

Ministry of Education’s IDEATE model document

These processes are not fully understood by learning it off by rote, but instead by applying it to hands-on activities, real world problems or special projects. It heavily depends on teamwork as well.

Day 1 Presentation. What is Engineering? What is Design?

The only activities not shown here were the “Optimization of Slime” and their individual portfolios and the class party. We were having way too much fun on those days and forgot to take pictures.

The other days activities are shown here:

For the Scratch Coding, the children created several games including: Ping Pong game, 1 or 2 player Car Racing, Virtual Pet. Each one was unique and I loved the way most of them didn’t stick to the instructions only but improved on their design. I won’t link you to their personal projects on their personal accounts, but here is an example of a game made in Scratch.

Adobe Flash is required on your browser to play these games.

Click here to play!

Then click the flag on the game to start.

There will be a Christmas 2018 themed, one day workshop filled with exciting and fun STEAM activities. Like or follow us on our social media for updates on this!

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