Alternative exams to SEA, CSEC and CAPE from Cambridge.

Has any other parent here considered having their children write the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Tests as opposed to SEA, or the IGCSE/OLevel Exams as opposed to CSEC, or the A-Level Exams as opposed to CAPE?

As you know in 2007, the Ministry of Education discontinued offering the secondary GCE/OLevel/Cambridge ALevel exams in school and switched to CSEC and CAPE (they weren’t able to pay for the exams anymore). They then stopped offering it to private candidates from 2017.

Since I started homeschooling my daughter, I have been looking for ways to have her write these Cambridge exams locally, I even contacted Edxcel – Pearson International to find out how do I go about doing this. In the meantime I started collecting and reviewing  curricula, mark schemes, past papers, and their textbooks. I was surprised to find out (just last week) that there is a school in Trinidad that allows private candidates (homeschoolers) to sit these exams at their school: The British Academy  .

The British Academy also operates as a full time Primary and Secondary School and the curricula and exams are Cambridge only. If you are interested in this form of education here are links to their Fee Structure , Fee PolicyProspectus and Dress code.

Exam fees vary from year to year and according to the subjects taken, so this information would be provided to you by them closer to the exams.

EDIT: There are more local private schools that conduct the Cambridge Primary Exams as well as the IGCSE, OLevel & ALevel Exams. These are: Trimont College, Rosewood (All Girls), and Upper Level Educational Institute Limited

Personally, I would continue to homeschool my daughter, my curriculum will prepare her to write these international exams and local exams all under a STEM framework. For those who are interested, in another post I will link you to curriculum, marking schemes, past papers and ebooks (student text/workbooks, teacher resources, assessment tests (for purchase) for the Cambridge Primary exams.

If any one had previous experience with their children writing those exams at that academy or have any more information they would love to share on this topic, I would love to hear from you! Email me at or leave a comment below.

Thank You!

Cambridge Primary Global Perspectives

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