Important SBA info especially for VAPA and Sciences Students!!!

Parents of Secondary School Students!

While I agree that teachers should be compensated fairly for marking and uploading of SBA marks to CXC, TTUTA is advising teachers to NOT mark and to NOT submit your children’s marks to be uploaded to CXC.

Students also complain that teachers have been discouraging their students from writing the January exams and writing the alternative exams to the SBA!

Your child will FAIL the entire subject without the marks for his/her SBA if it is not uploaded in time for the  May/June 2019 exams!

My honest opinion, as a private tutor who does not teach in the public system, is that teachers in the public system should be adequately compensated as quickly as possible so that our Nation’s children will not be held for ransom!

Parents, find out what is happening in your child/children’s schools now! Some teachers may be already compensated and will be marking and submitting SBA marks, while some may not. It’s your responsibility to know where your child stands amidst this dilemma.

Homeschoolers are not affected by this since these children will be writing as private candidates and will be sitting the Alternative Exam Papers to the SBA.

Please see the letter below dated 8/10/2018.


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