Standard 4 & 5, CSEC, University Classes Evening and Weekend Timetable.

Good Morning Everyone,

Please see our revised timetable, these classes are expected to continue until March 2019, with a break in between for the Christmas holidays and STEM Workshop for kids.

Class Location: Debe, South Trinidad.

Costs are are follows:

Std 4 & 5 Classes are $40 per day – to be paid on each day of attendance, and $20 additional IF your child does practice tests (Math, ELA, Creative Writing) on her own at home and would like to leave it with me for the week to correct and collect it back the next Saturday. This is an excellent way for me to pinpoint what his/her weak areas or common mistakes are in each subject.  Maximum class size is 5 students per class.

University students are $30 per hour to be paid on each day of attendance. Your time slot must be booked in advanced (at least one day notice). Email or whatsapp 375-3572. These sessions cover your problem topic areas, tutorials, assignment help, past paper. You are required to attempt the tutorials, assignment, past papers before attending the session. 

Sept-Dec Timetable


For information on the STEM Christmas themed workshop please click here: KIDS 2-day CHRISTMAS STEM WORKSHOP

STEM Christmas Workshop 2018 SOFT STUFFED TOY


All the Best!


    1. Hi, unfortunately no. These classes are only in South Trinidad. Next year we will launch online classes and programs for SEA and CSEC students. This will contain topic by topic video explanations for the new 2019-2023 syllabus, worksheets, practice tests, live online assistance and much more.


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