Instructions for new Primary Level students interested in joining our classes effective January 2019.

K12 STEM Homeschool Tutoring is committed to ensuring your children has the best quality of education.

As a result, please note that from January 01st 2019 we will only be accepting Standard 3 and Standard 4 students who are preparing for the SEA 2010+ Exams and Std 5 students if they are repeaters.

Homeschoolers and Private Candidates will be given an assessment to determine their level of competency before being placed in the Std 3, 4 or 5 sessions.

We will not be accepting Std 5 students who has not done at least Std 4 with us. It is unfair to both us and your child to send them for ‘help’ 5 months before the exam, fully knowing that they needed help since Standard 3.

We will be introducing our remote classes in January 2019. These classes will consist of explanatory topic by topic videos, with worksheets, assignments, and other material that can be accessed online. Students will be required to complete and submit their completed work for correction and will receive feedback. More details will be provided in another upcoming post.

For NEW students joining our in-person classes, the fees and times are as follows:

Standard 3:

Times: Saturdays 1pm – 3pm

Subjects: Mathematics, ELA, Creative Writing

Cost: $200 per month.

Standard 4: 

Times: Saturday 9am – 11am

Subjects: Mathematics, ELA, Creative Writing

Cost: $250 per month

Standard 5 (Homeschoolers and Repeaters):

Times: Fridays 3.30pm – 5.30pm

Subjects: Mathematics, ELA, Creative Writing

Cost: $300 per month

Costs include printed worksheets and handouts used in classes.

Our classes are limited to 5 students per class. Space is limited, so join NOW.

ALL FEES ARE TO BE PAID AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MONTH and are non-refundable. If a class is missed, the student will still be able to receive the printed handouts, worksheets, practice papers, and photocopies of any notes missed, etc for that day. A make up class, for explanations, can be done on another day and time, however, it is not guaranteed and will incur an extra cost.

One on one sessions can be arranged at a cost of $100 per hour, minimum class time is 2 hours.

We are located in Debe, South Trinidad. 

Parents please note that classes / workshops are held in a separate classroom section of my secured, permanent residence. This helps in reducing your final cost for classes since the cost for me to rent a separate location, travelling and inconvenience expenses are not added to your cost.

Please fill out the form below to pre-register, you will be contacted before the first class to confirm your child’s attendance. Scroll down and click ‘Submit Application’ when finished.



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