SEA 2019-2023 Specimen Papers & Solutions Part 2 (Released by the Ministry of Education)

Please be advised that the Ministry of Education has released a second set of Specimen Papers, which I have uploaded here. The first set of Specimen Papers and solutions can be found in a previous post here: SEA 2019 – 2023 Syllabus Changes and Specimen Questions and Solutions


To the Parents of my standard 5 students:

You are advised to download these, print and have the children work them out before the first session of our classes in January 2019.

The solutions are also added here. Please ensure that they work on their own before viewing the solutions.

Please encourage students to write short statements with their working, so at least some marks can be awarded if they cannot arrive to the final answers.


SEA 2019 English Language Arts SPECIMEN PAPER 2



SEA 2019 English Language Arts SPECIMEN PAPER 2 – MARK SCHEME




There is also a rumor going around that something like the National Test will be reintroduced at the lower Primary levels.

This was told to some parents by their children’s teachers and it was somewhat stated in the Draft Education Policy released to the public earlier this year . It is to identify which children are gifted and need to go beyond the average curricula and which children need immediate remedial help (page 64). The Draft Education Policy released earlier this year found in my previous post here: The MoE of TnT wants your feedback on their 2017-2022 Education Policy.


*Disclaimer, this website is not affiliated with the MoE of Trinidad and Tobago.


  1. Hi, I’m looking for websites to help my daughter with SEA math. She’s in std.5.
    In terms of websites ‘Pennacool’ is ok but it doesn’t really mimic the specimen paper. Do you know of Math websites that would really help build the necessary skills for the exam?


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