Our Classroom

Parents who visit us for the first time are sometimes confused and unfamiliar with classes and workshops of this caliber being held in at a residence and expected a ‘business building’. We assure you that your children are safe. We are monitored by community police, cameras, neighbourhood crime watch, other neighbouring businesses and a very active women’s group. Hosting classes at this location allow for the cost of your classes to be lower than other institutions. It also allows us to have nature trips and conduct long and short term science experiments without having to travel to another location.

At K12 STEM Homeschool Tutoring, our class sizes are either online, one-on-one or very small. This encourages your child to be comfortable enough to speak out, ask questions and collaborate with our tutors for their benefit without feeling shy or ashamed. It also helps us to give them the individual attention they need and to focus on their subject problem areas first.

For homeschooled children and during some workshops, we are not limited to a traditional classroom setting only. Multimedia and technology are used in the delivery of our lessons and activities and the classroom is extended and rearranged to suit. We have at our disposal large outdoor areas: one section provides a fenced, safe play area during class break-times for sessions that are more than 2 hours long and one section is an open area with fruit trees and other aspects of nature where we can observe and carry out science experiments.

Current students can attest to the fact that our location is naturally cooled by high winds, they walk with jackets to keep warm and they turn off the fans. As a result we have opted to keep this area not air-conditioned for now. Washrooms are available.

If parents are late in collecting their children after class, there is a lounge area with  a television, toys and a library in full view of the tutor for students to occupy themselves while they wait. However this is not encouraged, please be prompt with dropping off and collecting your children.

Parents are NOT allowed to sit in during classes, wait in the lounge area before or during classes or park inside the compound with their vehicles left idling. We have had instances where children were physically and verbally abused by their parent because they were unable to answer a question during class, another case where a parent kept talking loudly on their phones during class and idling vehicles were filling the classroom with exhaust fumes. 

Parking is available in front the compound to allow for drop off or pick up purposes. If rain is falling you will be allowed to drive into the compound to quickly drop off or pick up the children in the sheltered area near the entrance of the classroom.

Be warned: There is no sign indicating our location, visits are made by appointment only. Driving in and out our street aimlessly and hoping to find our location will cause you to be accosted by either the police or community police.

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