2019+ ELA and Creative Writing Exemplars for SEA Exams

The Ministry of Education has uploaded new documents to their website containing documents for SEA 2019+ Creative Writing: rubrics, marking scheme, examples and analysis of reports, etc.

This is not new information to my students writing the exam this year since we covered 90% of this last year, and you got the information via printed handouts.

The other document contains exercises and solutions in the new ELA format, and the marking scheme. Both these documents are important to tutors, school teachers and parents who are homeschooling. It will assist you in properly assigning marks to the students when correcting practice papers.


SEA 2019 English Language Arts specimen paper

SEA 2019 Writing Exemplars specimen paper



  1. What are the scores for each of the following the SEA level? Maths, English Language and Creative Writing. How do they arrive at the scores?


    1. Good day, the composite scores vary per student according to their performance. Cut off composite scores for school placement vary per year as well.
      The Math exam is weighted 100%
      ELA 60% and CW 40%

      Please refer to my previous post on cut off scores for schools, an explanation of how it is used to placed students by the MoE, and the formula of how it is calculated by CXC (some advanced knowledge of Statistics may be needed to understand this).



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