Online Correction of Past Papers

Good Morning All,

Just a reminder that our system for online (remote) CSEC Mathematics, Add Math, Physics and Chemistry, Primary National Tests, Past SEA Practice / Papers, NCSE (Math and Integrated Science only) Past Paper corrections are operational.

Please read the following carefully, then express your interest in these classes via whatsapp at (868) 375-3572 or via email at

Past Paper Questions or Solutions are not sold.


STEP 1: Students complete the past papers or at least attempt it first (no blank questions). Full working must be shown.

STEP 2: Make the monthly payment via a Scotiabank direct or online deposit and email or whatsapp your payment receipt. 

STEP 2: Once your deposit is confirmed, Email clear pictures/scanned images of your worked solutions to us – via email or whatsapp.

STEP 3: Corrections / tips on answering the question(s) / advice will be sent back to the students in either handwriting, live or recorded video explanation format to their incorrect solutions.


The cost is TTD$300 per month and is paid via Scotiabank direct or online deposit and email or whatsapp your payment receipt, and can be a mix of any of the past papers for the subjects listed above.

A maximum of 12 completed past papers can be submitted for the month both January and June, where applicable.

Thank you, and all the best for 2020!


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