Classes closed until 8th April, 2019

Please be advised that all in-person classes are closed off from today 8th March, 2019 to the 8th April 2019. Our online/remote past paper/tutorial correction service is still operational.

Calls may not be answered or returned since I will either be hospitalized or unavailable to take or return lengthy calls.

Emails and Whatsapp responses will be delayed, but it is the recommended means of communication during this time.

There will be no Easter STEM Workshop this Easter Vacation, instead classes will resume.

We have a couple of exciting activities planned for the July – August 2019:

  • STEM Workshop for Kids (ages 8 – 16)
  • Pediatric First Aid, CPR & AED Course for Parents and Tutors (Certificate Given, vaild for 3 years and renewable)
  • Pediatric First Aid, CPR & AED Course for Children (No certificate given)
  • Parent and Me Workshop for Children (children under 8 years)

Please keep following our website, as there will be posts with free worksheets and other useful information to help you along your homeschooling journey or child preparing for one of our national exams.

You will also receive updates on our upcoming activities and workshops.

Follow our other social media as well (click the links below):





Thank you and All the Best!

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