Free Carnival Worksheet (Ages 4 – 7)

I know I shared this in a homeschooling Facebook group already before Carnival, but I thought I ‘d share it here as well for the homeschoolers who may not be in that group.

I created the worksheet for use with my daughter who is 5 years old. Most of my lessons with homeschoolers are like this for all topics, it involves: a mix of theory, use of technology/multimedia, crossovers between other subjects, hands on activities and a chance for them to express their own creativity and imagination.

This worksheet was designed for for ages 4 to 7 and although it would fall under the category of “Social Studies” I merged a few other lessons in it that would be considered as Art and Craft and ELA. Of course at this age level, I did not just hand the kids the worksheet and expected them to do it on their own, it involved discussion and explanation at each step and if you intend to use it, please note this.  This worksheet took a combined time of 2 hours in a 3 hour class, adequate break times between activities is vital at this age.

For Activity 1: I chose not to dwell into the history and too much details of Carnival at this age, but instead provided an explanation for why that particular Monday and Tuesday seemed like a holiday for parents and children who attend public school. It also provided an opportunity for them to identify at least 3 of the ‘Days of the Week’.

For Activity 2: Considering that we could not physically go out and observe Carnival this year and that some of my students do not own a TV, this activity was based on looking at past Kiddies Carnival videos on YouTube.

Activity 3: is based on activity #2, where I merged a bit of an ELA lesson and have them identify words that described what they saw in the video.

Activity 4: is based on an art and craft project where we made Carnival masks (see pictures below). You can google or YouTube tutorials on how to make masks, or headbands with feathers for kids using simple Bristol board, glue, gems, etc.

The last activity allowed them to use whatever colours they wanted on their picture. (This was made for an all girl class, if you prefer a male costumer, use the link provided at the bottom of the picture in the worksheet and choose another colouring page.

I hope you enjoy working on these activities as much as your children would. I will try to post one for Easter, at a later date.

Social studies worksheet – Carnival



All the best!


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