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STEAM Workshop 2018 (August 13-24th)

Memories from our STEAM 2018 Workshop



  1. Good morning,I am seeking some more information on homeschooling. Can you be so kind to answer these questions for me please. 1. If a child is in standard 5 and they are being homeschooled would they have to follow the syllabus as it is being done in school. Or can emphasis be placed on the SEA subjects only? 2. If a child is being homeschooled is there any testing that must be done to submit to the ministry? If yes how often is this expected to be done. 


    1. 1. There has been some controversy over this recently, and let me make this clear: a homeschooled child is one who is NOT enrolled in a school. This means a child who is still enrolled to write SEA through a school and not as a Private Candidate, but is frequently absent in Standard 5 to be home tutored, is NOT a homeschooler. If a child is a homeschooler and is preparing for SEA at the Std 5 level, then it is up to you to determine what subjects the child should do. So yes, you can focus on SEA subjects at that time, as a homeschooling parent it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your child is adequately educated.
      2. Currently there is no testing to be submitted to the Ministry. I advise parents to be organized and keep proper documentation of what their child is learning, what curriculum is being followed, and what work is being done. Apart from what your child can do, this is your proof that your child is being educated, should a Social Worker drop by unannounced. SEA is a PLACEMENT EXAM, this means if you do not intend to send your child to a public secondary school and would be homeschooling through to the age of 16, then writing SEA is not compulsory.


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