Volume and Capacity

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These questions and solution videos are suitable for students in Standards 4 and 5 who will be writing SEA 2020+
Some of these questions were sent in by parents for help with and may come from various sources. Credit goes to the authors of the questions.

Your Std 4 and 5 child should attempt the questions FIRST before viewing the video solutions. There may be other logical ways to solve the problem and some videos may show the alternate ways to arrive at the same answer. I have chosen to use methods that are suitable for this age group and the ones that have the highest rate of understanding Mathematics Worded Problems in my experience.

Please feel free to comment with suggestions or questions.

Question 1

capacity 1

Video solution to Question 1

Question 2

capcity 2

Video solution of Question 2

Question 3

capcity 3

Video Solution to Question 3

Question 4

capacity 5

Video Solution to Question 4

Question 5

capacity 8

Video Solution to Question 5

I apologise for no voice explanation, I did not realise my microphone was off until I finished recording.

Question 6

capacity 10

Video Solution to Question 6


Question 7 – Volume and Geometry

capacity 4

Video solution to Question 7 

Question #8 (Volume and Area)

capacity 11

Video solution to Question #8


  1. Hi good day, have been trying to reach you on your phone for a very long time now…please let me know what is going on…….with regards to the lessons for the kids……emergencies occurred and we need to discuss future lessons. Thanks for your response


    1. Hi, I do apologize. I hope all is well now. You would not have been able to reach me at my local number unless you called through Whatsapp. I did mention to you that the time I was offering you that week, was my own personal time and we would be closed from Jan 18th to Feb 9th. I canceled all classes we discussed after I could not reach you by phone to confirm and no one appeared for classes. Please see the link below for the available classes re-starting from Monday 10th February 2020. If you are still interested please use the link at the end of the post to register.


      Thank you and I hope I can still be of assistance to your children.


  2. In an instance where the cuboid is in meters and the cube in centimeters. do I multiply the sides of the cuboid and then convert to centimeters or do I covert each side to centimeters then multiply???because I realized that I am getting different answers for each method.


    1. Hi, thanks for your question. You can do it both ways, the reason you may be getting two different answers is because when you multiply in metres first you get an answer in metres cubed for the volume. To convert this to centimetres cubed you need to multiply by 100 cubed or 1000000 because:
      1m =100cm
      1m cubed = 100 x 100 x 100 cm cubed

      For example: 2m x 4m x 8m = 64 m cubed = 64 x 100 x 100 x 100 = 64000000 cm cubed
      it is the same as converting first then multiplying
      200cm x 400cm x 800 cm = 64000000 cm cubed


  3. ▪●The solution video and the school work itself is very helpful as a tutoring during quarantine●▪😀🇹🇹💜


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