Perimeter and Area

These questions and solution videos are suitable for students in Standards 4 and 5 who will be writing SEA 2020+
Some of these questions were sent in by parents for help with and may come from various sources. Credit goes to the authors of the questions.

Your Std 4 and 5 child should attempt the questions FIRST before viewing the video solutions. There may be other logical ways to solve the problem and some videos may show the alternate ways to arrive at the same answer. I have chosen to use methods that are suitable for this age group and the ones that have the highest rate of understanding Mathematics Worded Problems in my experience.

Please feel free to comment with suggestions or questions.

Question 1

Question 1

Solution Video to Question 1

Question 2

teaching example 44cm

Solution video to Question 2

Question 3

Question 2

Solution video to Question 3


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