Free, self-correcting, SEA Mathematics Mixed topic worksheets & solution videos.

Hi guys, I’m giving you free access to my 2019-2020 Mathematics worksheets. Please note that any email address can work, not only gmail accounts. If you are having problems accessing the worksheets, email me and I will send you a direct invitation.
One worksheet per week will be released.
I would really appreciate your patronage and most importantly your feedback. Feedback can include what you liked, what you disliked, how the online platform can be improved and what you would like in the future. Feedback can be emailed to
You can also find our worksheets on The Ministry of Education E-learning Platform  as self-correcting quizzes.

Details about the worksheets:


  • The type of questions in the worksheets are commonly found in sections 2 & 3 of the SEA Mathematics exam. Topics are mixed.
  • There are only 20 questions per worksheet; however, its purpose is for the children to learn new strategies for answering these types of questions as opposed to ‘testing’, should they get any incorrect.
  • They are self-correcting with a range of acceptable answers. In some cases your numerical answers will be marked ‘incorrect’ if it is not in the correct form or accompanied by units.
  • When you complete all the questions and hit submit, you get your results immediately.
  • A solution video will be attached to each question whether it’s correct or incorrect. Here you can see if your solution was similar and know if you were correct or it was a programming error or learn how to answer similar questions in the future.
  • You can only submit your answers once and the worksheets are not timed. If you would like to retake the worksheet, please email and request a reset, you must provide the email address you used when you completed the worksheet and the number of the worksheet.
  • You also get a copy of the questions and your answers in your email, as soon as you submit your answers.
One worksheet per week will be released in a random order.
Worksheet for 12/04/2020:

SEA Mathematics Worksheet #6

SEA Mathematics Worksheet #5

SEA Mathematics Worksheet #4

If your child has problems in a particular topic you may want to look at our other topic by topic videos.
Free SEA 2020+ Math Practice Questions & Video Solutions

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