CSEC Additional Mathematics – Online classes new intake. Topic: Algebra.

Registration is open. Students have access to these classrooms until they write the CSEC Examinations. Email: trinihomeschooling@gmail.com for full course and payment details and to register. Classes are pre-recorded but students have 24/7 communication access to the tutor via Whatsapp, email and live sessions within the classroom. Students work on their own time but a suggested schedule/timetable is included.

Reduced Cost until August 2020: $150 or $US22
Payment options:
Online transfer or direct deposit to Scotiabank or Paypal

A brief look into our online classes. Please view the video.

Use the timestamps below to skip to a section you want to look at:
00:30 Registration
01:10 Access to the classes
01:30 Classroom layout
03:43 Quizzes and Assignments
07:20 Parent Reports
07:38 Live sessions

Topic: Algebra

By the end of Lessons 1- 4, students should be able to:

1. perform operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of polynomial and rational expressions;(Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and factorization of algebraic expressions.)

2. factorize polynomial expressions, of degree less than or equal to 4, leading to real linear factors; Division of a polynomial of degree less than or equal to 4 by a linear or quadratic polynomial.

3. apply the Remainder Theorem; (Remainder Theorem)

4. use the Factor Theorem to find factors and to evaluate unknown coefficients. (Factor Theorem)

The classroom includes:

  • Student information session: Exam format, SBA & Topics in syllabus discussion (1 handout & 10 minute pre-recorded video) 
  • Pre-requisite revision for this topic (3 PDF documents: notes, 16 minutes pre-recorded video, worksheet, worksheet solutions). 
  • Lessons 1-4 & 1 Quiz (6 PDF documents: 27-35 minutes pre-recorded video per lesson , notes, worksheet, worksheet solutions, past paper questions by topic and solutions) and 24/7 Whatsapp & Email assistance for students.
  • Live discussion session based on this topic (optional & additional) COST: $25 per hour via Google Meet in the Google Classroom. 

Payment options: Direct deposit to Scotiabank, Online Bank Transfer, Paypal.

Contact (Call or Whatsapp): Miss Allana @ (868) 375-3572 ONLY for payment details. There is no other contact number associated with this business. 

Students are added to the classes when payments have been confirmed and received by Scotiabank (5 to 7 working days from date of online transfers form non-Scotiabank accounts).

Please note that videos are recorded in a Trinidadian accent. I know this may be an encouraging or a deterring factor to some Caribbean students. 


*Disclaimer: This website is not endorsed or affiliated with the Caribbean Examination Council.

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