Form 2 Online Classes Reg: May-August 2020

Common misconception: “All schools do the same topics, in the same form, in the same term, at the same time. ” This is FALSE, there are topics that need to be done between Forms 1 – 3 in the order that the school sees fit, according to their own schedules. If you want to cover a Form 2 topic that is not listed here, enquire about joining the class with that topic or adding a topic to this course.

Registration is open. Students have access to these classrooms until they write the CSEC Examinations. Email: for full course and payment details and to register. Classes are pre-recorded but students have 24/7 communication access to the tutor via Whatsapp, email and live sessions within the classroom. Students work on their own time but a suggested schedule/timetable is included.

                                          A brief look into our online classes.

Use the timestamps below to skip to a section you want to look at:
00:30 Registration
01:10 Access to the classes
01:30 Classroom layout
03:43 Quizzes and Assignments
07:20 Parent Reports
07:38 Live sessions

Integrated Science

Integrated Science consists of the 3 subjects Physics, Chemistry & Biology. It is designed for students aiming to write the NCSE Exams in Integrated Science as well as CSEC Exams in Physics, Chemistry & Biology.

Term 2 Topics:

  1. Graphs for science
  2. Thermal Energy
  3. Static Electricity
  4. Electricity
  5. Mixtures and their Separation
  6. Atomic Structure
  7. Human and Body systems: Nutrition, Digestion, Breathing and Respiration

Regular Cost: $1600         Reduced Cost until August 2020: $800 as a package.

Term 3:

  1. Human Body systems: Circulatory System
  2. Physical and Chemical Processes
  3. Motion
  4. Energy in Ecosystems

Regular Cost: $800         Reduced Cost until August 2020: $400 as a package.


Term 2 Topics:

  1. Geometry – Coordinate, Translations, Reflections and Rotations
  2. Measurement – Units and conversion of units, Consumer Arithmetic
  3. Algebra – Solution of linear equations, simultaneous equations
  4. Sets Relations and Functions – linear inequalities, venn diagrams

Regular Cost: $800         Reduced Cost until August 2020: $400 as a package.

Term 3 Topics:

  1. Geometry: Angles, Triangles and Parallel Lines
  2. Statistics and Probability: Geometric Drawings and Constructions

Regular Cost: $800         Reduced Cost until August 2020: $400 as a package.

                Payments are made via online bank transfers to Scotiabank, or Paypal.

Students are added to the classes when payments have been confirmed and received by Scotiabank (5 to 7 working days from date of online transfers form non-Scotiabank accounts)

Contact (Call or Whatsapp): Miss Allana @ (868) 375-3572 ONLY for payment details. There is no other contact number associated with this business. 

Please note that videos are recorded in a Trinidadian accent. I know this may be an encouraging or a deterring factor to some Caribbean students. 

Did you know that our regular, online Science classes contain optional STEM challenges where students receive prizes of DIY STEM kits and a certificate for their submissions?

Well, they do!

Click here to learn more!

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