Online STEM Challenges! Prizes to be won!

Did you know that our regular, online Science classes contain optional STEM challenges where students receive prizes of DIY STEM kits and a certificate for their submissions?

Well, they do!

Each STEM challenge is aligned with the curriculum and real-life application. It adds to your portfolio as a critical thinker, innovator and problem solver as the challenges leave lots of room for you to be creative!

Students can work individually (with adult supervision) or as a a team with their friends, siblings or parents.  However, to earn the prize, the registered student must be the one presenting in the video submission. 
Prizes are mailed to the student via TTPOST (Trinidad and Tobago students only).
Which of the students in our new intake will rise up to the challenge this year?

It’s never too late to join in our online classes since teaching sessions are pre-recorded and you can catch up on your own time.

Inbox us on Facebook or contact us via our  Website or email for more information.





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