Form 3 : Online Classes Reg: June-August 2020

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Common misconception: “All schools do the same topics, in the same form, in the same term, at the same time. ” This is FALSE, there are topics that need to be done between Forms 1 – 3 in the order that the school sees fit, according to their own schedules. If you want to cover a form 3 topic that is not listed here, enquire about joining the class with that topic or adding a topic to this course.

Registration is open. Students have access to these classrooms until they write the CSEC Examinations. Email: for more information, payment details and to register. Classes are pre-recorded but students have 24/7 communication access to the tutor via Whatsapp, email and live sessions within the classroom. Students work on their own time but a suggested schedule/timetable is included.

                                          A brief look into our online classes.

Use the timestamps below to skip to a section you want to look at:
00:30 Registration
01:10 Access to the classes
01:30 Classroom layout
03:43 Quizzes and Assignments
07:20 Parent Reports
07:38 Live sessions

Integrated Science

Integrated Science consists of the 3 subjects Physics, Chemistry & Biology. It is designed for students aiming to write the NCSE Exams in Integrated Science as well as the CSEC Exams in Physics, Chemistry & Biology.

Form 3 Topics Covered:

  1. Human Body Systems: The Reproductive System
  2. Communicable Diseases of the Reproductive System
  3. Environmental Impact of Human Activities
  4. Electricity (continued from Form 2)
  5. Magnetism
  6. Light
  7. Chemical Bonding
  8. Acids and Alkalis

Reduced Cost until August 2020: $800 as a package.


Term 3 Topics Covered:

  1. ALGEBRA: Laws of Indices – bases and exponents; evaluation of exponential forms; interpretation of laws of indices; problem solving.
  2. ALGEBRA: Simplifying Algebraic Expressions – binary expressions; product of two binomial expressions; simplification of algebraic products; HCF of two algebraic expressions; simplification of algebraic quotients.
  3. ALGEBRA: Factorisation of Algebraic Expressions – binomial factorisation; factorisation of expressions involving sums and differences up to four terms 4.
  4. ALGEBRA: Quadratics – quadratic expression; factorisation; differentiation between expressions and equations; solution of the quadratic equation by the method of factorisation.
  5. STATISTICS AND PROBABILITY: Introduction to Probability – outcome of an experiment; concept of probability; terminology: event, certainty, change, fairness, possibility, risk; application of the probability formula; calculation of probability; range of values for probability; notation; probability in decision making; problem solving.
  6. GEOMETRY: Polygons – concept of a polygon in concrete, representational and abstract modes; problem solving

Reduced Cost until August 2020: $600 as a package.

                Payments are made via online bank transfers to Scotiabank, or Paypal.

Students are added to the classes when payments have been confirmed and received by Scotiabank (5 to 7 working days from date of online transfers form non-Scotiabank accounts)

Contact (Call or Whatsapp): Miss Allana @ (868) 375-3572 ONLY, for payment details. There is no other contact number associated with this business. 

Please note that videos are recorded in a Trinidadian accent. I know this may be an encouraging or a deterring factor to some Caribbean students. 

Did you know that our regular, online Science classes contain optional STEM challenges where students receive prizes of DIY STEM kits and a certificate for their submissions?

Well, they do!

Click here to learn more!


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