Free Resources for Homeschoolers and Educators on CK-12.

Are you a parent of an eager to learn, self disciplined homeschooler who is not bound by our local curriculum and exams? Are you a Math and Science Teacher who wants to  integrate existing interactive teaching modalities into your classes or create interactive textbooks for your students? Then email me at for information about how you can join and use CK-12’s free and awesome curriculum content. Serious inquiries only!

As a Certified CK-12 Educator, I integrate CK-12’s PLIX and simulations and other modalities into my courses. It is an excellent visual aid and the interactives engages students. I  am also in the process of creating free, online and interactive textbooks and workbooks for use with our local curriculum on CK-12.

Here is one example of the use of just one of the modalities on CK-12. Download the information sheet below the video for a brief description of what CK-12 offers!


Click here for the CK-12 Information Sheet




What Does The “C” in CK-12 Stand For?

The C has an open meaning, in the same sense that our platform is open. It stands for content, classroom, customizable, connections, collaboration—the idea is that our content can be used by anyone, anywhere for free.

It originally meant “connect” since CK-12 was to be the missing connection between K-12 education.


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