Live, online classes intake: CSEC Math, Add Math, Physics & Chemistry for the May/June 2021 exams.

These classes are for Form 4s who are entering Form 5 in September or any homeschooler preparing to write the May/June 2021 exams.

By request. until Friday 28th August, I will be having 4 hour long, live, online classes for students entering Form 5 in September. These classes have started since the 01st July but it’s not too late to join in. I am only accepting 2 more students into each class, as I would like to maintain my class size of 5 per class. When school resumes in September, live, online classes will continue during the week from 4pm to 6pm.

❇️CSEC Subjects and days :
Tuesdays – Mathematics (Statistics, Circle Theorem & Vectors)
Wednesdays – Physics (Electricity & Magnetism)
Thursdays – Additional Mathematics (Algebra, Trigs & Calculus)
Fridays – Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) 

All sessions will include revision of all previous topics via past papers. Formula sheets and other practice and reading material will be given. 

Times : 1 pm to 5 pm

Cost : $120 per day, per subject.

Package Deals:

All subjects: $400 / week

3 subjects : $300 / week

Class: Via Google meet. Students will be sent an invite to join the class 10 minutes before the class starts. Students must have a GMAIL EMAIL ADDRESS.

❇️1st hour, homework/past paper correction/timed quiz.
❇️2nd and 3rd hour continuation of the lesson from previous class /start new topic.
❇️ Last hour practice questions and homework assignment.
❇️A pdf copy of everything that was written/done by the tutor in the session will be uploaded to a Google Classroom for students to access.
❇️Parts of the session can be recorded by the tutor, at the request of the students, for their future reference.
❇️Homework is assigned at the end of each class. It will be due for the next session.

For details of the topics we will be covering for each subject, email:


⚠️This for serious students only, who are committed to the 4 hour long sessions! A short break will be given between the 2nd and 3rd hours.
⚠️Be on time!
⚠️Keep all background noises to a minimum during these sessions.

Payment options (Payments must be made at the beginning of the month or week.):
💰Direct Deposit to Scotiabank
💰Online bank transfer to Scotiabank

Visit our YouTube page for class demos.
Your tutor has:
🎓A B.Sc. in Manufacturing Engineering with 5 years industrial experience in Process Integration.
🎓Registered as a teacher with the Ministry of Education to teach Mathematics and Additional Mathematics.🎓 8 years full time teaching Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Chemistry & Physics with 100% pass rate (online and in person).                 🎓 100% Student Pass rate with 1s and 2s. 
🎓A Certified STEM Educator with published curriculum content.
🎓Holds Accredited Certificates of Academic Studies in Advanced Child Psychology and Counselling Children and Adolescents from the International Association of Therapists.
🎓Holds a Certificate of Completion in ADHD: Everyday Strategies for Elementary Students from The State University of New York.
🎓A certified CK-12 Educator.
🎓Holds Certificates of Achievement in World Class Maths: Asian Teaching Methods and Practice from Macmillian Education.
🎓 Currently doing a M.Ed. in STEM Leadership.

(STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

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