Free downloadable Worksheets, Guided Lessons, Lessons Plans and more! (Preschool to Grade 5)

Who doesn’t love freebies? Especially when they add so much value to you and your child’s future!

In this post I will provide some links to these websites, that contain very up-to-date content in line with the requirements of a modern curriculum – including our own here in Trinidad and Tobago. You just need to download and print! Now there are some premium content that are only available for download with a paid subscription, but the majority are free.

You will be able to find worksheets for Infants level that are similar to what is found in the 2019+ SEA Specimen Papers parts 1 and 2. Why wait until Standard 5? Start now!
For example, this worksheet is designed for Grades 1 -3 (Infants 1 &2 to Standard 2 Level) and is a good practice to get familiar with the topic that led to question 13 of the Mathematics SEA 2019+ Specimen Paper Part 2:
January 2019 Calendar: Days and Dates

I have been using these websites for quite sometime since I removed my daughter from preschool and started homeschooling her at 3.5 years old. These worksheets and lesson plans have helped her to understand topics beyond her age. Most importantly she enjoys what is being taught and has developed a self-motivated attitude towards learning, which is a very important key to success.

Below are the links, have fun and be sure to leave in the comments section any other links to websites with free content that you may be using and is not listed here:



  2. School Express

  3. Clever Learner

  4. Daycare Worksheets

  5. IXL

  6.  ECCE – Resource Information for Parents/Preschoolers

  7. Khan Academy Kids

  8. SplashLearn

All the Best!


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