CSEC Mathematics Adult / Repeater Classes

First class on Saturday 19th September 2020, is FREE!

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By request, I will be having online Mathematics Classes for adult learners or repeaters. Secondary school students can join, but please note that we will be moving at the pace of the slowest learner.

Paper 2s and 3s will be covered. Full explanation, additional notes and worksheets for your problem topics will be supplied. Entire topics will be taught where necessary.

Please use the contact form below to sign up. I will reply with payment details. You are not considered registered until payment in full is made.

The cost is $250 per month (4 Saturdays).

Please note that you can visit for solutions. I am not affiliated with FasPass Maths and not responsible for any errors that you may encounter there. 

What you will need. Click here.

You will need:

A computer / laptop / smartphone / tablet

A stable internet connection

A non-programmable scientific calculator

A Graph Book

A GMAIL email account

Google Classroom and the Google Meet app installed on your smartphone or tablet.

A printer (optional), as all notes and worksheets etc, will be uploaded to a classroom.


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