Give the gift that keeps on giving with this year’s Online Christmas STEAM Workshop!

Do you want your 8 to 16 year old have an idea of what Engineering is like, to hone their logical and critical thinking skills and to develop an entrepreneurial mindset?

Then join our fun two-day, Online Holiday STEM Workshop on December 14th and 15th 2020! All materials are provided! These sessions are live, interactive and very exciting!

STEM / STEAM encourages teamwork and collaboration, so parents and age appropriate siblings are welcomed to join in the fun for free! Additional STEM Kits can be purchased.*

* This applies to Activities 1, 2 and 3. There are limited amounts of kits and spaces available. Spaces are not held unless payment is received. Deadline for payment is 6th December 2020.

Please note that this workshop is currently only available to persons located in Trinidad and Tobago. We will be using Google Meet as our live stream platform. If you are using an Amazon Fire Tablet please learn how to install Google Play Store on your device HERE.

Commercially produced kits cost up to $500 per activity. This is a steal of a deal at a total of $650 for 4 activities with materials included! Register below now! A printable certificate of participation will be awarded!

If you are interested in some of the activities and not all, please vote below and we may consider it.

Each activity individually will be $300 per activity as opposed to $650 for all 4.

Certificates of Participation are only awarded for completing all 4 activities.

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Which Activities are you interested in only?
Which Activities are you interested in only?
Which Activities are you interested in only?

Registration Form

You will be contacted with further payment and delivery details.

Only 12 spaces available! Your space is not booked until full payment is made. Complete the form for each child.

    Click on each section below to read more about each activity.


    Subjects / Skills: Physics, Electrical Engineering, Design, Critical and Logical Thinking, Art & Craft.

    Overview: This activity is designed to give you basic knowledge about electrical circuits using paper circuitry. You will be creating creating greeting cards in the theme of your choice (not limited to Christmas themes). One feature on your card will ‘light up’ at the push of a button. You will have extra material to be able to use and apply this knowledge and create your own paper circuits on any other material to create ‘light up’ items. Students and their siblings / parents will collaborate during the Engineering Design.

    You will be provided with a STEM Kit for this activity.

    Extra material in your Google Classroom:

    1. A collection of Printable Pre-Designed Paper Circuitry Templates
    2. Information to join our free digital library to read a collection of STEM Books and more!
    3. Information on where to purchase additional materials to DIY after the workshop.
    4. A folder to upload your pictures and videos of your final designs.

    Some of our previous students in our previous STEAM workshops and their creations using paper circuitry.


    Subjects / Skills: Mathematics, Physics, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Engineering Design, Art & Craft, Design, Critical Thinking and Logic.

    Overview: From Activity 1, the you will have understood the basics of electrical circuits, now we will look at how that electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy and create a lovely spinning display of ornaments. You will create a circuit this time using batteries, a switch and a DC motor. You will design and create your own ornaments, various art and craft techniques will be demonstrated.

    You will be provided with a STEM Kit for this activity.

    Your Google Classroom will have:

    1. Links to the materials and parts used in this project.
    2. Simple craft ideas to create your ornaments.

    A 6 year old’s work in progress spinning display:


    Subjects / Skills : Chemistry, Manufacturing Engineering, Art and Craft, Engineering Design.

    Overview: In this activity, you will act as Chemical Engineers and create your own Bubbly Play Dough! The colours, scents, shapes and the amount of bubbles it creates will be your own unique design! At the end of this activity, you can package your creations and give them as gifts!

    A STEM Kit will be provided for this activity.

    A previous student’s bubbly play dough creations:


    Subjects / Skills : Computer Literacy, Information Technology, Descriptive and Expository Writing, Web Design.

    Overview: Learn the basics of HTML & CSS by building your STEM Workshop portfolio webpage! In this workshop you will build your very own webpage from scratch. Using a simple text editor, you will learn how to format a webpage with text, links and images to show off all the projects you completed during this workshop!

    All notes and documentation will be provided. 

    This activity must be done on a laptop or desktop computer. 

    You will need our own:

    1. Colouring pencils, markers, crayons, paper glue, etc.
    2. Child safe scissors
    3. Any other decorative items of your choice (eg. Glitter, stickers, etc)

    Learn about your Instructors here.

    Activities 1, 2 & 3

    Mrs. Allana Harrylagan

    B.Sc. Manufacturing Engineering

    STEM Educator / Founder of K12 STEM Homeschool Tutoring

    Learn more on LinkedIn

    Activity 4

    Mr. Riyadh Bakshi

    Bsc. Information Technology 

    Managing Editor of InFocus Media Trinidad and Tobago

    Learn more on LinkedIn

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