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Our Library Activity Calendars for 2021!


Your children did a wonderful job last year making reading a part of their daily and weekly life. Sadly those who joined and were never active will be removed from the library.

I do apologise for 2020 Calendars being uploaded and emailed to you earlier today.

Each month this post will be updated with the month’s suggested activities.

Please remember that this library this through Epic Books and for the children that I added. These children (ages 0 to 16) have free and premium access to the books and videos in this library during school hours. They also have limited access after school hours and on weekends. This is the perfect library for homeschoolers! There are story books in Spanish and French as well.

If you do not wish to be part of our library but would like to join Epic Books, Epic offers a 1-month free trial of unlimited access to their ever-growing library and only $9.99 USD per month thereafter! You may also select their annual plan, which is $71.99 USD/year ($5.99 USD per month).


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