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Computer Science Curriculum

K12 STEM Homeschool Tutoring has partnered with Code Combat to bring this Game-Based Computer Science Curriculum to children ages 8 – 19 in Trinidad and Tobago. Introductory levels are FREE.

These courses are fully online and no prior Computer Science experience is needed. 

We will be using two platforms! CodeCombat and Ozaria. There is no software to download and install. Students interact with the program through the Code Combat Website after an invitation is sent to their email address. Lesson notes and videos will be uploaded to a Google Classroom and an invitation will be sent to join the class. 

  • CodeCombat covers Computer Science 1-6, Game Development 1-3 where students can create their own games, and Web Development 1-3 where students can build their own websites using HTML and CSS. At the end of each unit is an arena level that instructors can use as a type of assessment and students can compete and put into practice what they have learned over the levels within the Unit. We have also just released our first eSports league where students can compete in their age brackets against students across the world for real prizes like scholarships and gaming chairs!
  • Though Ozaria will cover a lot of the same concepts, it is much more scaffolded and really focuses on the “why” behind what the students are learning. Ozaria has fully developed lesson plans with slides and unplugged activities and is also mapped to all the middle school CSTA standards. In Ozaria the students will have a capstone project at the end of every chapter! Ozaria benefits from the last 8 years of feedback from CodeCombat! It has cinematic sequences, voiceovers, dialogue between characters, we’re incorporating real life application, and is an overall more immersive and comprehensive learning experience.
  • Both our platforms are distance learning flexible, web-based, gamified computer science curriculum. Students can learn to code in Python or JavaScript (and we are starting to experimentally introduce C++ in CodeCombat.). Ozaria’s curriculum was built specifically for grades 6-8 (Forms 1 – 5) while CodeCombat is targeted for grades 4th -12th (Standards 4 to Upper 6). That being said, I have seen both used as young as 1st grade (Standard 1) and as old as grad school in college (University).
  • Google Classroom will be used to place all notes and tutorial videos. Google Meet will be used for any live sessions. 

Please note that this is a Computer Science Program and not a Computer Literacy Program. 

Computer literacy is all about the competent and safe use of computing hardware and software. Computer science is all about computational thinking leading to critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity and innovation.

In these programs, students play an adventure game in which their knowledge of programming advances with the storyline. In this engaging and fun learning environment, students build real-world skills though play. 

Students are engaged in:

  • Text-based coding in Python and Javascript.  Text-based coding is unlike the “drag and drop” type coding in MIT’s Scratch.
  • Real-life project based applications.
  • 21st Century skills (Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration)

We are first offering Code Combat in Python.

As mentioned before, Code Combat is designed for children in Standards 4 to Upper 6. Special consideration can be given to children in Standards 1 to 3 if they are familiar with coding in MIT’s Scratch or use lessons from However, the coding in this program does not use the ‘drag and drop’ type of platform. 

Students must successfully complete the FREE “Introduction to Computer Science” (Computer Science 1) course to be considered for entry to the Bundle Courses. 

Students who complete the free and bundle courses can continue on with the rest of the curriculum in September 2021. 

Please see the full curriculum content and the registration form below.

This program cannot be done on Ipads or Andriod devices, students must have a desktop or laptop with the following specifications:

CodeCombat runs best on computers with at least 4GB of RAM, on a modern browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge. Chromebooks with 2GB of RAM may have minor graphics issues in courses beyond Computer Science 3, though there should be minimal issues with the recommended content for AP® Computer Science Principles as outlined. A minimum of 200 Kbps bandwidth per student is required, although 1+ Mbps is recommended.

Students must have a Gmail email account to access Google Classroom.

This is the free “Introduction to Computer Science” Course.

This is a Computer Science course, not a Computer Literacy course.

Level: Beginner (No coding experience required)

Ages: 8 – 19
Younger students can join if they have experience coding with MIT’s Scratch or

Class intake starts from May 3rd – August 1st, 2021. Students interested in the Bundle Courses (Computer Science 2, Web Development 1 & Game Development 1) must successfully complete this course.

Suggested Time: 4 x 50 to 60-minute sessions. However, this course is SELF-PACED, students have up two months to complete the course and can log in and work on their own times.

This course is designed to be a gentle introduction to basic programming concepts, such as algorithms, syntax, loops, and variables, through the engaging and familiar experience of a video game. In each level, players use computational thinking and computer programming to navigate the hero to the goal without running into spikes or being spotted by ogres. This is NOT ‘drag and drop’ coding like MIT’s Scratch and
This course is written with Python-language classrooms in mind, but can easily be adapted for JavaScript.

Students are not obligated to complete the course if they are not interested however, please indicate so to the teacher.

After each course is successfully completed, students get a downloadable and printable certificate of completion. Please use the name you wish to see on your certificate when creating your student account.

Students who complete the free Computer Science 1 course successfully, can register for the three courses: Computer Science 2, Web Development 1 and Game Development 1 courses. 

The total cost of this bundle is $500 TTD but students must complete the courses within 3 months or pay further to extend the time. 

Students who successfully complete the bundle courses can proceed to the other courses in this program.

There are a total of 10 Courses in this curriculum. Students who complete the free Computer Science 1 course and the paid bundle courses can proceed with the rest of the program (6 courses) at a total cost of $1200 TTD. These courses must be completed within 6 months.

  1. Introduction to Computer Science (Free)

    Learn basic syntax, while loops, and the CodeCombat environment.

    Concepts coveredBasic Syntax,Arguments,Strings,While Loops,Variables,Algorithms

  2. Game Development 1 (Offered in the Bundle Package)

    Learn to create your own games which you can share with your friends.

    Concepts coveredBasic Syntax,Arguments,Place game objects,Construct mazes,Create a playable, sharable game project

    Level solutions are available for teachers who have licenses.

  3. Web Development 1 (Offered in the Bundle Package)

    Learn the basics of web development in this introductory HTML & CSS course.

    Concepts coveredBasic HTML,Basic CSS,Alter existing web pages,Create a sharable web page

    Level solutions are available for teachers who have licenses.

  4. Computer Science 2 (Offered in the Bundle Package)

    Introduces arguments, variables, if statements, and arithmetic.

    Concepts coveredBasic Syntax,Arguments,Strings,While Loops,Variables,If Statements,Functions,Parameters,Advanced Strings

    Level solutions are available for teachers who have licenses.

  5. Game Development 2

    Learn more advanced game development.

    Concepts coveredBasic Syntax,Functions,Strings,If Statements,Arguments,Basic Input Handling,Basic Game AI,Create a playable, sharable game project

    Level solutions are available for teachers who have licenses.

  6. Web Development 2

    Learn more advanced web development, including scripting to make interactive webpages.

    Concepts coveredBasic Syntax,Strings,While Loops,Variables,Arguments,If Statements,Functions,Basic HTML,Basic CSS,Basic Web Scripting,Advanced HTML,Basic JavaScript,Basic Event Handling,Create a sharable interactive web page

    All classes program in HTML / JavaScript for this course. Classes that have been using Python will start with extra JavaScript intro levels to ease the transition. Classes that are already using JavaScript will skip the intro levels.

    Level solutions are available for teachers who have licenses.

  7. Computer Science 3

Introduces arithmetic, counters, advanced while loops, break, continue, arrays.

Concepts coveredBasic Syntax,Arguments,If Statements,Variables,Strings,While Loops,Arithmetic,Advanced Strings,Input Handling,Functions,Parameters,Boolean Logic,Arrays,Break Statements,Continue Statements

Level solutions are available for teachers who have licenses.

8. Game Development 3

Learn more advanced game development.

Concepts coveredBasic Syntax,Event Data

Level solutions are available for teachers who have licenses.

9. Computer Science 4

Introduces object literals, for loops, function definitions, drawing, and modulo.

Concepts coveredBasic Syntax,Arguments,Variables,Strings,If Statements,Arithmetic,While Loops,Arrays,Functions,Parameters,Object literals,For Loops,Boolean Logic

Level solutions are available for teachers who have licenses.

10. Computer Science 5

Introduces function parameters, function return values and algorithms.

Concepts coveredBasic Syntax,Arguments,Variables,Strings,While Loops,Arrays,For Loops,Functions,If Statements,Boolean Logic,Algorithms,Break Statements,Math Library Operations,Object literals,Arithmetic,Graphics,Advanced Strings,Parameters,Continue Statements

The Ozaria Curriculum will be offered to Forms 1 to 5 only.

Adults who are interested in joining can email:
Information will be available from June 1st 2021.

These courses are for parents / legal guardians to register their own children. Other Educators and Educational Institutions are not allowed to register their students or offer our courses as part of their own programs. 

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