Welcome to K12 STEM Homeschool Tutoring!

Our online classes are designed for students whose who want to catch up, keep up and stay ahead of themselves in their studies and personal development.

Courses are offered from the PreK to Secondary School Level for those aimed at writing the SEA, CSEC and IGCSE Exams and even for those who are not.

For the homeschoolers who want to learn beyond the exams, we offer a STEM Curriculum. Using a STEM Curriculum with children builds their confidence and resilience from their failures, enhances their creativity and ingenuity, encourages teamwork and experimentation, highly encourages the use of technology, teaches critical thinking and problem solving skills and make them adaptable to the rigors of the 21st Century.

We will also be offering courses from Udemy and Coursera (Coming Soon!).

What you will find on our website:

Online Courses for the individuals or groups.

Online Certificates which can be used worldwide (Coursera or Udemy) or for motivational purposes

Updated information on the changes in education in the world and Trinidad and Tobago.

Real personal experiences from a real homeschooling family. Feel free to ask for advice!

Lots of FREE tutorials and resources!


This movement is spearheaded by a homeschooling mom who:

  • Is a holder of a B.Sc. in Manufacturing Engineering.
  • Has 6 years in the manufacturing and production industry.
  • Registered to teach Mathematics & Additional Mathematics with the Ministry of Education of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • 8 years teaching experience
  • 4 years online teaching experience
  • 100% pass rate
  • Is a certified CK12 Educator.
  • Is STEM.org Certified.
  • Currently pursuing a Master in STEM Leadership from the National Institute of STEM Education.

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Our founder is STEM.org Certified! Find some of her curriculum content in the Journal of Conceptual and Applied STEM Education.
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