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Homeschooling in Trinidad and Tobago. Start here.

Homeschooling in Trinidad and Tobago. This post will focus on all I’ve learnt about the legalities of homeschooling so that parents who are considering the path of homeschooling can be properly informed and not be afraid to start their journey. Please note that joining a homeschool association and paying a membership fee is NOT compulsory [...]

S.E.A. 2019 – 2023 Syllabus Changes and Specimen Questions and Solutions

S.E.A. 2019 – 2023 SYLLABUS CHANGES AND SPECIMEN QUESTIONS AND SOLUTIONS 2021 REVISED Assessment Framework. Click on each subject to see the changes made.  Mathematics These assessment objectives were removed from the SEA 2021- 2023 Assessment Framework document. Solve problems involving the multiplication of a fraction by a fraction Solve problems involving the multiplication of [...]

Worksheets, Guided Lessons, Lessons Plans and more! (Preschool to Grade 5)

Free downloadable Worksheets, Guided Lessons, Lessons Plans and more! (Preschool to Grade 5) Who doesn't love freebies? Especially when they add so much value to you and your child's future! In this post I will provide some links to these websites, that contain very up-to-date content in line with the requirements of a modern curriculum [...]

SEA Mathematics: Worksheet #6

This worksheet contains 20 questions common to Sections 2 & 3 of the 2019+ SEA Examination. {{ vc_btn: title=Take+this+worksheet+as+a+self+-+correcting+test+here%21&style=3d&shape=round&color=info&size=lg&css_animation=bounceInLeft& }} Solution Videos (Click on the titles to see the videos): Question 1 Solution Question 2 Solution Question 3 Solution Question 4 Solution Question 5 Solution Question 6 Solution Question 7 Solution Question 8 Solution Question [...]

SEA Past Papers

SEA 2010 - 2020 Past Papers {{ vc_btn: title=Click+here+for+SEA+Past+Papers&style=3d&color=pink&size=lg&css_animation=flipInX& }} Solutions (Math only): FAS-PASS SEA Math solutions Disclaimer: K12 STEM Homeschool Tutoring is not affiliated with FAS-PASS Math. Please contact FAS-PASS Math for the errors or typos that you see there.    SEA 2020 Exam Solutions SEA 2019 Mathematics Answers (no working)

Standards 1 – 3 National Test Papers

These tests are no longer administered in schools, however they do provide an excellent source of revision and practice for our students in Trinidad and Tobago. {{ vc_btn: title=National+Tests+Here&color=warning&size=lg&css_animation=bounceInDown& }} Solutions to these National Tests coming soon! Other similar worksheets: Printable Math Worksheets

NCSE Past Papers (Form 3)

NCSE Past Papers (Form 3) These national tests are done at the end of Form 3 in Trinidad and Tobago. They do not contribute marks towards the CSEC examinations at the end of Form 5. {{ vc_btn: title=NCSE+Past+Papers+Here&shape=round&color=mulled-wine&css_animation=bounceInRight& }} NCSE Mathematics solutions: FAS-PASS Math NCSE Solutions Disclaimer: K12 STEM Homeschool Tutoring is not affiliated with [...]

SEA Mathematics Worksheet #5

This worksheet contains 20 questions common to Sections 2 & 3 of the 2019+ SEA Examination. Use the left and right arrows to see all 3 pages. Video solutions are at the end of this post.                   {{ vc_btn: title=Take+this+Worksheet+as+a+self-correcting+test+here%21&style=3d&shape=square&color=green&size=lg&css_animation=bounceInUp& }} Solution Videos: Question 1 Solution Question [...]

Unequal Sharing

Unequal Sharing - Primary Level Mathematics What is unequal sharing? Click here to find out. Answer When something is divided and it does not result in equal or identical parts it is shared unequally. Some parts will have more or less than the other. Methods for solving unequal sharing word problems. Click here to find out. Methods [...]


Fractions What are Fractions? Click here to find out. Answer Want to learn more? Inquire about my classes at Try the questions before looking at the video solutions. These questions were sent in by parents from various sources. {{ vc_btn: title=Click+here+for+the+questions%21&style=3d&shape=square&color=purple&size=lg&css_animation=bounceInDown& }} Click on the fraction at the top right hand corner of each [...]

CSEC Mathematics Adult / Repeater Classes

CSEC Mathematics Adult / Repeater Classes First class on Saturday 19th September 2020, is FREE! Visit my YouTube Channel By request, I will be having online Mathematics Classes for adult learners or repeaters. Secondary school students can join, but please note that we will be moving at the pace of the slowest learner. Paper 2s and [...]

Preschool Progress Checklist and Report

This progress report and checklist can be used from ages 3 -5 years old. There are extra lines in each category to fill in the additional skills that your own unique child can do.

SEA 2020 Exam Solutions

SEA 2020 Past Paper Solutions MathematicsEnglish Language ArtsCreative WritingMathematics Solutions to SEA 2020 Mathematics Exam. Congratulations to those who found this year's Math Exam easy because of my free, self correcting worksheets, my strategies for solving multistep word problem videos and bar modeling series on My YouTube Channel . This year's exam surprisingly used some [...]

Our FREE, Digital Library!

Our FREE, Digital Library! Parents must be subscribed to our website using the email address they would use to create their child’s library account. Students get unlimited, access to our digital library of over 40,000 books: Unlimited reading time on Mondays to Fridays, 7am to 4pm. 2 hours per week reading outside of the days and times […]

Online Christmas STEAM Workshop 2020!

Give the gift that keeps on giving with this year's Online Christmas STEAM Workshop! Do you want your 8 to 16 year old have an idea of what Engineering is like, to hone their logical and critical thinking skills and to develop an entrepreneurial mindset? Then join our fun two-day, Online Holiday STEM Workshop on [...]

Our Library Activity Calendars for 2021!


Your children did a wonderful job last year with making reading a part of their daily and weekly life. Sadly those who joined and were never active will be removed from the library.

I do apologise for 2020 Calendars being uploaded and emailed to you earlier today.

Each month this post will be updated with the month’s suggested activities.

Please remember that this library this through Epic Books and for the children that I added. These children have free and premium access to the books and videos in this library.

If you do not wish to be part of our library but would like to join Epic Books, Epic offers a 1-month free trial of unlimited access to their ever-growing library and only $9.99 USD per month thereafter! You may also select their annual plan, which is $71.99 USD/year ($5.99 USD per month).

Positioning the Pandemic: Epidemics and Health in the Caribbean

This FREE, 3-day webinar may be very informative and relevant to our Caribbean History students. The pictures contain the speakers and the programme for each day.

Click the registration link to join!

The Department of History at The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, will host its annual History Fest, a three-day series of outreach activities to engage with our local and regional communities, from Wednesday 24th to Friday 26th March 2021.

Free Strategic Management Course

This is an opportunity to attend a free, online crash course in business strategy, specifically
Blue Ocean Strategy.

Free Strategic Management Online Crash Course

Free Strategic Management Online Crash Course How to develop a Blue Ocean Strategy? In this mini-course you will learn the central elements of the Blue Ocean Strategy, one of the most important and influential ideas in Business Administration in the last years. Through a business case study on Amazon – the launch of Echo / Alexa [...]

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